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Meet the REAL boss--Missy

This is my beloved Missy.  She's about 11 years old. I got her when she was just a baby and she's been my boss ever since I brought her home!  She has retinal degeneration and we learned recently that she is just about blind.  She has glacoma in one eye and we must put drops in her eye twice a day.  That is a job that takes me and my husband to accomplish!

Dressups by Brenda will not fit these brands:

  • Serenity Mast
  • Acclaim 2
  • IQ
  • MiniMe
  • Mirage Vista and Swift
  • Phantom
  • Adam Circuit
  • Simplicity
  • Nasal Aire
  • Oracle
  • Snapp
  • Confort Lite

Dressups by Brenda fit a 4-hook mask, but can be adapted to others except the ones listed here.  But I now offer Dressups by Brenda Tubing covers!  Tubing covers are 9 dollars each or 3 for 24.  You can view them all on the photos page.


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My Boss, Most Beautiful Missy