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Welcome to My Store. Here you will find all the patterns available from Dressups by Brenda.

My Store has many pages that were set up for convenience of using PayPal. If you don't see a pattern from any page here, simply e-mail me at dressupsbybrenda@yahoo.com and I will work with you to get the Dressups you want. NFL and some Nascar patterns are available at a little higher cost, but still very affordable.  The patterns you see are mostly for a 4-hook strap but can be made for your particular head strap.  I only need a life-size tracing to make the one you need, but email me.  I love a challenge!  Hope you find a Dressups that meets your fancy!

SPECIAL NOTE: When selecting type,you must specify the following: 4-hook, "New Cover", Softcap,Head Strap cover only, Tubing Cover only,Set or Special Order add $5.


Autumn Leaves

This is a yellow tie-dye type with patterns of leaves imprinted.


Kids and adults alike love Batman!

Crazy Camouflage

This is the craziest camo I've ever seen! It's wild and bright.

Care Bears

Remember your first Teddy bear?  I still have mine. That's why CareBears means so much to me.

Cats & Dogs

This shows cats and dogs and cat and doggie things like bowls and bones.

Chicago Bears

You can have your favorite NFL. Just send me an e-mail