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Welcome To My Home Page and Dressups by Brenda!

Dressups by Brenda are the only covers you can find for the head strap of the mask for a CPAP machine used to treat Sleep Apnea.  Dressups by Brenda are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and fit most head straps.  Even though Dressups by Brenda are fashionable, they also function to protect the headstrap from sweat, hair oil and dirt, thus preserving the life of the head strap.  Because each is made by me personally, you can be sure they are made in America!  They can be washed in the regular laundry. 

Dressups by Brenda come in any color or pattern available.  Each Dressups is only $7 or 3/$18 .  Tubing covers are $9 each or 3 /$24.  Sets are $15 each.  Sets for Softcap are $18.  (Please include $3.00 for postage/handling). To order, please e-mail me at sleeperblm@yahoo.com  Please use "Dressups" for the subject, or call 302-521-6293 9-8 EST.


Sleep Overview

We usually pass through five phases of sleep during the night.  These are stages 1,2,3,4, and REM or Rapid Eye Movement.  These stages progress in a cycle from 1 to REM repeatedly through the night.  We spend about 50% of total sleep time in stage 2, about 20% in REM, and the remaining percent in the other stages.

Sleep Apnea

The word "apnea" is a Greek word meaning 'without breath.'  Sleep Apnea is a very common, but life-threatening disorder.  There are two main types of Sleep Apnea: Obstructive and Central.  A combination of both can be present in one patient.  The most common type is Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA.  In both types, the sufferer stops breathing repeatedly during the night, as much as 20-30 times in any hour and often for a minute or longer.

OSA occurs when air is blocked from flowing into or out of the person's nose or mouth.  Central Sleep Apnea is less common and occurs when the brain does not send signals to the breathing muscles, preventing the initiation of respiration.  Because the signal to breathe is absent, there is no effort made to breathe at all during that period.  Snoring is not usually present with Central Sleep Apnea.

Breathing pauses, or apneic events or episodes can occur 20-30 times or more within an hour.  When the apneic event ends and the person begins to breathe again, it will usually be accompanied by loud snoring.

Some reports estimate that there are approximately 30 million people in the United States who have Sleep Apnea.

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What Exactly is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea was first described in 1965 as being characterized by interruptions of breathing while the sufferer sleeps.

Sleep Apnea is a very common disorder that affects millions of Americans.  It is as common as diabetes but because of lack of awareness of healthcare workers and the public, most sufferers go undiagnosed and untreated even though this can be a life-threatening disorder that can have long-term consequences if not treated.

People with OSA experience partial closure of their throat during sleep and they stop breathing.  The muscles that normally hold the throat open during waking hours relax and narrow during sleep.  When the muscles relax and close, air cannot pass at all; hence, you have an Obstructive Sleep Apnea episode.  This can last from 10 seconds to over a minute.  This causes a lack of oxygen to be circulated through the body and this creates extra stress on the body.  Often a person with OSA will be known to snore loudly.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

  • Loud snoring
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Falling asleep on the job or while driving
  • Morning headaches
  • Problems remembering or learning
  • Irritability
  • Lack or loss of concentration
  • Mood swings or changes in behavior or personality
  • Dry throat
  • Frequent urination during the night
  • Depression and hypothyroidism are often associated with OSA
  • Reduced sex drive or impotence
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Grogginess
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Heartburn                                                                                                   

Not everyone with OSA experiences these symptoms and not everyone who experiences these symptoms has Sleep Apnea.  Prompt and proper diagnosis is the first step to defining and treating Sleep Apnea.  If you suspect Sleep Apnea, please see your doctor.  Untreated Sleep Apnea can lead to serious, long-term consequences.

Sponge Bob Square Pants comes to Dressups by Brenda!

Sponge Bob is only one of several children's favorites you'll find at Kid's Korner



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