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Thank you for visiting Dressups by Brenda.  I hope your visit here has been enjoyable and educational.  I hope, too, that if you suspect you have Sleep Apnea that you will follow up with your doctor.  It just could save your life.
Please feel free to sign my guest book so I know that you were here. (But please, no advertising or other websites. This is only intended for those interested in this product--not a place to advertise so please don't be disrespectful.) No one will contact you unless you indicate that wish in the comments. This is strictly to keep a count of visits to my site. Sleep WELL!

Where are
you from:


When you order send the name of the item, specify what you want: headstrap cover, tubing cover or the set, you name and address and phone number.  Please make checks payable to Brenda Marciniszyn and send to Dressups by Brenda, 119 Buena Vista Dr, New Castle, De 19720, or call 302-521-6293. OR now you can use PAYPAL.

Your comments, also, will be very much appreciated.  Please feel free to offer any insight on improvements to my site or Dressups.  Thanks again for coming.

Sleeper.  Sleep WELL!

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