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LOOK WHAT'S NEW! at Dressups by Brenda

Here's the latest at Dressups by Brenda!

Because Sleep Apnea can be linked to blood pressure and heart problems, it can also be associated with irregular heartbeat.  Untreated Sleep Apnea can increase the risks of high blood pressure, heart attack, even stroke, diabetes, cononary artery disease, psychiatric problems, cognitive dysfunction, increased incidents of work-related injuries and driving accidents.

Tubing covers are 9 dollars each or 3 for 24. Strap covers are 7 dollars each or 3 for 18. Sets are 15 dollars each. Please add $3.00 for postage/handling.

Freeservers has the best web pages and deals around.  Believe me, I have checked out a lot of deals, blogs, domain offers, etc. but Freeservers is the Best there is.

  Here's Woodstock modeling the Softcap by Respironics. Now Head Strap Covers come in two sizes! (Sorry Woodstock is not included!)

Sleep Apnea can become a serious, life-threatening disorder.  It does not go away.  Untreated, it only gets worse and can have some serious, long-term consequences.  Why live with disease that you could prevent now by getting treated for Sleep Apnea.  Even if you just think you might have it, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to find out for sure.  Talk to your doctor.  You can find a Sleep Apnea quiz at http://cipapbipapdressups.blogster.com to see if you might have Sleep Apnea.  Be good to yourself.

Sleep Apnea Information

If You Would Like to Add A Sleep Apnea Website Here, Send Me an E-Mail @ sleeperblm@Yahoo.com.

More About Sleep Apnea

Here is one good site: www.mscpap.org  Want more?: www.medicinenet.com or www.sleepapnea.org and last, but not least, www.snorology.com.

Take a Sleep Apnea Quiz

Here's the newest addition: Starwberry Shortcake. Also available: My Little Pony, Care Bears in Child's size. Tubing covers are 9 dollars each or 3 for 24. Strap covers are 7 dollars each or 3 for 24. Sets are 15 dollars each. Please add $3.00 for postage/handling.

Dressups by Brenda....How do you put that thing on the strap?  I'm glad you asked.  Turn the Dressup over and unfasten the velcro closure.  Lay the strap on top of the Dressup.  Using a wooden spoon (or something with a long handle),  insert the end of the handle into the end on the fold and push it through the end of the Dressup.  Repeat this on the 4 ends.  Close the Velcro flap.  Sleep WELL!


Children can be affected by Sleep Apnea as well as adults.  Sometimes they are very afraid of the machine, especially if they are really young.  Sometimes they just rebel and resist having a mask on their face.  You can help your child adjust to their machine with their favorite cartoon character added to the head strap and/or tubing.  By easing their fear, they will be more cooperative and probably sleep better because they won't be worried about that ugly machine "getting them" during the night.