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I am 63 years old and have sleep apnea.  I knew nothing about this disorder until my doctor sent me for a sleep study.  This web site is dedicated to all those who have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea or want to learn more about it.


I designed Dressups by Brenda out of desire to "dress up" a rather drab piece of equipment.  When I had my first sleep study, I broke out in a rash on my scalp.  I thought I was just allergic to the material of the head strap,( but it turned out I had a reaction to the glue they used to hold the electrodes on my head for the sleep study.)  So I designed a cover to protect my scalp from the strap.  I found I could make any color or any pattern that was available.  I made camouflage, stars and stripes, tie-dye and lots more.  I can now offer them to anyone who uses a CPAP or BiPAP machine.  You can view samples--just click on the photo page.


You may have Sleep Apnea and not know it.  Do you snore?  Do you just drag through the day tired and listless? Do you often wish you could just take a nap or are overcome by "sleep attacks"?  Do you fall asleep at work, especialy after lunch?  Do you catch yourself falling asleep while driving?  Do you wake up feeling groggy?  Do you fall asleep while reading or watching TV?  You may have Sleep Apnea and not know it!  This disorder can have some serious long-term consequences if not treated.


Some children have enlarged tonsils and adenoids, and various deformities. Children with Sleep Apnea can also have problems with attention, memory, learning, hand-eye coordination, hyperactivity, aggression, and violence.  Some of these symptoms are the same as those for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Symptoms also include sleep that is not restful, daytime sleepiness, headache, and confusion.  Chronic sleep disturbances, nighttime gagging, loss of breath and snoring and daytime drop attacks (seiaures that cause sudden falls)are also among the signs and symptoms.  If your child experiences any of the above, please see their doctor and talk to them about having your child tested for Sleep Apnea.  If could save them a lot of future illness and add years to their life.

New! New! New! Dressups by Brenda Tubing Covers! Check them out on the Photos page!